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Olli Heinonen on a nuclear Iran

Video: Dealing with a Nuclear Iran- Early Morning Session Interview with Olli Heinonen Center for Strategic & International Studies Watch Olli Heinonen discuss the implications of a nuclear-armed Iran with Sharon Squassoni, director and senior fellow of the Proliferation Prevention … Continue reading

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Olli Heinonen and Mark Hibbs on Iranian Nuclear Crisis

IAEA’s Integral Role in Ending the Iranian Nuclear Crisis By Olli Heinonen and Mark Hibbs Carnegie Endowment for International Peace “There is a small opening to resolve the Iranian nuclear crisis after the conclusion of the U.S. presidential election. Secretary … Continue reading

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Nicholas Burns on John Kerry

John Kerry, the Dealmaker-in-Chief By Nicholas Burns Boston Globe “When Senator John Kerry is confirmed as secretary of state later this month, he will encounter a number of complex tests as America’s top diplomat. The first is his challenging inbox, … Continue reading

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James K. Sebenius and Michael K. Singh on Iran nuclear deal

Is a Nuclear Deal with Iran Possible? An Analytical Framework for the Iran Nuclear Negotiations By James K. Sebenius and Michael K. Singh International Security Journal “Varied diplomatic approaches by multiple negotiators over the past several years have failed to conclude … Continue reading

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William Tobey on nuclear security

Defining and Implementing Best Practices in Nuclear Security By William Tobey Discussion Paper This paper analyzes the contribution that best practices can make to the field of nuclear security by doing the following: – Defining what is meant by best … Continue reading

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Charles G. Cogan on Nuclear Negotiations

The Iranian Nuclear Negotiations: What’s Been the Blockage By Charles G. Cogan Huffington Post “While acknowledging the Iranian penchant for deception, and recognizing that Iran is continuing along a downward path toward totalitarianism, with a Revolutionary Guard and Bassij militia … Continue reading

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Ashton B. Carter speaks at the Cooperative Threat Reduction Symposium

Remarks by Deputy Secretary Carter at the Cooperative Threat Reduction Symposium at National Defense University By Ashton B. Carter U.S. Department of Defense “As the Soviet Union disintegrated, they realized before anyone else that the danger of a Soviet nuclear … Continue reading

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Charles D. Freilich on Iran and Israel

Striking Iran: The Debate in Israel By Charles D. Freilich Survival: Global Politics and Strategy “In recent months Israel’s political and defence leaders have engaged in an unprecedented and vociferous public debate about Iran’s nuclear programme, and about the advisability … Continue reading

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Graham Allison on the Cold War

Lessons from the Cold War Interview with Graham Allison NPR’s Talk of the Nation “Lessons from the Cold War that may help the U.S. in a “multipolar” world where China is an emerging superpower, “India, Pakistan, and North Korea have … Continue reading

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Olli Heinonen on Iran’s nuclear program

Iran filling nuclear bunker with centrifuges – diplomats Quotes Olli Heinonen Reuters “Iran may be able to accumulate up to four ‘significant quantities’ of weapons-grade uranium – each sufficient for one bomb – in as little as nine months from … Continue reading

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