Mark Sheetz on the EU summit

The EU Summit: Will the Center Hold?
Foreign Policy, Stephen M. Walt’s “A Realist in an Ideological Age” blog
December 8, 2011
Commentary by: Mark Sheetz, Associate, International Security Program
Topic: EU summit 

In several recent blogs on the euro crisis, Stephen Walt has expressed exasperation with European leaders and pessimism on the fate of the eurozone. His reaction is understandable and consistent with virtually all journalists and economists who study the issue. They are frustrated at the slow pace of European decision-making and the fact that a solution seems obvious. In recent days, demand for action has become nearly hysterical, with analysts, columnists, and editorial writers for the New York Times suggesting that time for a solution is ‘running short’ that ‘the endgame is fast approaching,’ that the eurozone is facing a ‘meltdown,’ and that a collapse is ‘perhaps inevitable.’”

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