Niall Ferguson on Russia

In Decline, Putin’s Russia Is On Its Way to Global Irrelevance
December 12, 2011
Commentary by: Niall Ferguson, member of the Belfer Center Board of Directors
Topic: Russia 

“Remember when we used to care about Russia? Twenty years ago, we held our breath as Communist hardliners sought to reassert their grip on the Soviet Union in a coup that failed. Today? Ach, just another messed-up petro-kleptocracy.

The news last week was the poor showing of Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party in the elections to the Russian Parliament, the Duma. Despite widespread electoral irregularities, the governing party won less than half the vote. State television, notoriously the propaganda arm of United Russia, showed results in which the total percentage of votes cast exceeded 128 percent. Russians used to excel at math. No longer.”

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