Tarek Masoud on Egypt

Egypt’s Islamist future?
CNN, Fareed Zakaria’s GPS
December 13, 2011
Interview with: Tarek Masoud, Belfer Center faculty affiliate and assistant professor of public policy at HKS
Topic: Egypt

Fareed Zakaria: So first, give us the lay of the land. Egypt’s first elections really in 40-odd years, right? What did it look like?

Tarek Masoud: So these are not just the first free elections in 40-odd years, I’d be willing to wager that these are the first free parliamentary elections in Egypt that any living Egyptian has ever voted in. And they were quite remarkable on one level because they were really free and fair by all accounts, and turnout was quite high at between 50 percent and 60 percent.

So what we had the last week was the first phase of elections, which happened in nine governments, kind of like states. And in those nine governments we found that the Muslim Brotherhood won of plurality – about 35 to 37 percent of the vote.  The Salafi Group – called the Newer Party or the Party of Light – won about a quarter of the vote. And the liberal groups didn’t do as well.”

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