Zachary Tumin’s and William Bratton’s new book

Why Can’t We Just Get Along?
Newsweek/The Daily Beast
January 1, 2012
Cited: Zachary Tumin, special assistant to the Director and Faculty Chair, Science, Technology, and Public Policy Program
Topic: Tumin’s and William Bratton’s new book

“‘Bratton, who still sounds like the Boston street cop he once was, devotes much of a chapter to the MacArthur Park melee in Collaborate or Perish! Reaching Across Boundaries in a Networked World, the new book he has coauthored with Harvard public policy administrator Zachary Tumin. “In the aftermath,’ Bratton says, ‘I refocused the department, and reaffirmed relationships with the minority communities, particularly the Latino and immigrant communities’—as well as demoted and reassigned several high-ranking cops who’d made bad decisions because of a failure to work together. He also apologized profusely and repeatedly to the media (who, after all, have always been one of his key constituencies). ‘And we included that as an example of collaborations which had not worked because of a failure of leadership.’”

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Tumin was also cited in The New Yorker’s January 9, 2012 issue.

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