Ben Heineman on Super PACs

Super PACs: The WMDs of Campaign Finance
The Atlantic
January 6, 2011
Commentary by: Ben Heineman, Belfer Center senior fellow
Topic: Super PACs

“Super PACs can receive unlimited contributions and make unlimited campaign expenditures for or against a candidate, often with actual donors hidden from view. This election year will see an exponential growth in their number and in the funds available to them.

Partisans from left and right will use them. No reforms to limit them will occur. And there is a looming war of attrition as the negative, superficial cannonading of Super PACs in political ads threatens to obliterate any semblance of a policy debate.”

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Heineman also wrote “Campaign-Spending Dilemmas for Companies” for the Harvard Business Review HBR blog network on January 6, 2012.

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