Richard N. Rosecrance on possible scenarios for Europe’s reinvention

Reinventing Europe
European Council on Foreign Relations’ blog
January 23, 2012
Commentary by: Richard N. Rosecrance, adjunct professor; senior fellow, International Security Program; director, Project on U.S.-China Relations
Topic: Possible scenarios for Europe’s reinvention

“The making of Europe has been a perplexing and often difficult undertaking. The UK and some of the Scandinavians have rejected becoming members of the inner core. Turkey has been put on the shelf. The expansion of Europe, as George Gershwin sang of women, ‘is a sometime thing.’ National parliaments have hesitated to accept and sometimes rejected new versions of the European constitution. Through it all, however, the European idea and the basic forward momentum of European integration has proceeded despite fits and starts. Europe has undergone an incremental transformation of the de facto into de jure after crisis subsides. The resolution of each crisis has led to a higher level of legal and political integration.”

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