Graham Allison on nuclear energy

The Choice
National Journal
February 3, 2012
Quoted: Graham Allison, Belfer Center director
Topic: Nuclear energy

“Even with all of Abu Dhabi’s assurances, supporting its agenda entails a big risk. Nuclear programs are peaceful only so long as their managers want them to be. Graham Allison, a proliferation expert at Harvard University, says that the U.A.E. is a ‘poster child for peaceful civilian nuclear energy’ but that, nevertheless, it could one day decide that the existential threat from Iran required it to seek a bomb of its own. Unlike its neighbors, it wouldn’t have to scour the black market for a weapon; its growing nuclear expertise could help it build one. ‘If developing nuclear weapons is like climbing a mountain, the U.A.E. will soon reach the first big plateau,’ Allison said. ‘As a result of its peaceful nuclear program, the country will end up with a cadre of nuclear physicists, nuclear engineers, nuclear facilities, and people with basic nuclear know-how.’”

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