Kelly M. Greenhill on the costs of conflict

Dead Reckoning: Challenges in Measuring the Human Costs of Conflict
World Peace Foundation Reinventing Peace blog
February 10, 2012
Commentary by: Kelly M. Greenhill, International Security Program research fellow
Topic: Costs of conflict

“Contemporary policymakers face something of a conundrum. Concerns about the human costs of conflict, including refugees, internally displaced persons and military and civilian casualties, tend to figure prominently in decision-making processes—strategically, operationally and politically. And pressures to count and take account of these costs are on the rise, from growing Western casualty sensitivity on the military side to a greater emphasis on the prevention of collateral damage on the civilian side, and a growing fetishism towards quantification and counting, more generally. Yet, these imperatives do not come without their own costs and challenges. …”

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