Nicholas Burns on Iran

India disappoints U.S. friends with its Iran policy
Belfer Center’s Power & Policy blog
February 13, 2012
Commentary by: Nicholas Burns, professor of the practice of diplomacy and international politics and a member of the Belfer Center Board of Directors
Topic: Iran 

“The Indian government’s ill-advised statement last week that it will continue to purchase oil from Iran is a major setback for the U.S. attempt to isolate the Iranian government over the nuclear issue.  The New York Times reported Sunday that Indian authorities are actively aiding Indian firms to avoid current sanctions by advising them to pay for Iranian oil in Indian rupees.  It may go even further by agreeing to barter deals with Iran—all to circumvent the sanctions regime carefully constructed by the U.S. and its friends and allies.  According to the Times, India now has the dubious distinction of being the leading importer of Iranian oil.”

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