Melissa Hathaway on internet service providers

Duties for Internet Service Providers
Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto
March 2012
Paper by: Melissa Hathaway, senior advisor, Explorations in Cyber International Relations, John E. Savage
Topic: Internet service providers

“In today’s interconnected world, the Internet is no longer a tool. Rather, it is a service that helps generate income and employment, provides access to business and information, enables e-learning, and facilitates government activities. It is an essential service that has been integrated into every part of our society. Our experience begins when an Internet Service Provider (ISP) uses fixed telephony (plain old telephone service), mobile-cellular telephony, or fixed fiber-optic or broadband service to connect us to the global network.1 From that moment on, the ISP shoulders the responsibility for the instantaneous, reliable, and secure movement of our data over the Internet.”

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Hathaway also wrote “Internet Service Providers are the Front Line of Cyber-defence” as part of a special cyber-security section for the spring 2012 issue of Europe’s World.

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