Ben Heineman on whistleblowing

Goldman Whistleblower: High on Indignation, Low on Facts
The Atlantic
March 19, 2012
Commentary by: Ben Heineman, Belfer Center senior fellow
Topic: Whistleblowing

“Greg Smith’s public resignation on the Times op-ed page raised a host of important, recurring issues about Goldman Sachs and the financial services industry. The immediate result has been a typical media event: volleys of opinion pieces in print and electronic media repeating anti-or-pro positions on all those issues, praising Smith for candor or criticizing him for delay and disloyalty.

But this week’s media event will in all likelihood soon wisp away with no meaningful movement on the host of important issues. The reason is simple: Smith flunked the first test of whistleblowing. He didn’t present a single hard fact.”

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