Juliette Kayyem on Arctic sea traffic

A new ocean passage, with not enough rules
The Boston Globe
March 26, 2012
Op-ed by: Juliette Kayyem, lecturer in public policy with the Belfer Center and member of the Belfer Center Board of Directors
Topic: Arctic sea traffic

“THE CAUSES and culprits of the earth’s rising temperatures are not discussed much in places around the Arctic. It isn’t that global warming is doubted. That’s silly talk to those who live here. Sadly, the hotter earth, with warmer oceans, is accepted as a fait accompli.

From tiny St. Paul Island in the middle of the Bering Sea to the eight nations that constitute the Arctic Council, a group that coordinates interactions among Arctic states, there is no debate that the earth is changing. The challenge now is how to manage the traffic on an ocean they never dreamed would be so welcoming.”

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