Kayhan Barzegar on Iran nuclear talks

P5+1 IS Not Unanimous On Iran
Iran Review
March 24, 2012
Interview with: Kayhan Barzegar, Former Associate, Project on Managing the Atom/International Security Program
Topic: Iran nuclear talks

“In my view, the P5+1 is gradually coming to terms with the existing reality of Iran’s nuclear program and simply tries to manage and control the progress degree of the program by means of holding negotiations from the position of power. I think Iran is ready to cooperate, but again there is the issue of the level of cooperation and the other side’s intention. Here, the main challenge between the two sides is their differences on the negotiations agenda. The West’s view, dominated by the American approach, asserts that the West should force Iran to change its nuclear policies via slapping tough sanctions against it and accordingly they hope such a policy shift will ultimately take place. These harsh sanctions include economic embargos and intense political pressure which are enforced both in the framework of international institutions such as the UN Security Council and by means of unilateral measures.”

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