Elaine Kamarck on the 2012 election

The 2012 US Election — Through the Prism of the Economy
Public Service Europe
April 4, 2012
Op-ed by: Elaine Kamarck, lecturer in public policy
Topic: 2012 election 

“Unlike most of the world’s democracies, America’s political parties nominate their standard bearers in a highly visible sequence of state primary elections that attract a fairly small subsection of the voting public. While former governor Mitt Romney has not had an easy time convincing hard core Republican primary voters that he is the ‘real deal’ and conservative enough to be the nominee — his persistence, his money and his organisation will most likely make him the presumptive nominee sometime this month. The pivot from a nomination to a general election contest has already started with several hard-hitting speeches by United States President Barack Obama. As the campaign pivots, the debate changes — away from the social issues like contraception and abortion that preoccupy the Republican base and towards a set of issues that engage a broader electorate.”

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