Zachary Tumin and William Bratton on collaboration in the digital age

Viral By Design: Teams in the Networked World
Harvard Business Review’s HBR Blog Network
April 2, 2012
Commentary by: Zachary Tumin, special assistant to the Director and Faculty Chair, Science, Technology, and Public Policy Program; and William Bratton
Topic: Collaboration in the digital age

“With almost a billion friends on Facebook, six billion cell phone accounts globally, and twenty billion ‘things’ from refrigerators to bridge spans to micro-medical devices soon to be wired by Internet, the digital age is upon us in full force. Everyone and everything is connected or soon will be by social media, on mobile platforms, and in the cloud. That puts vast new arrays of assets in play, from crowds to drones, sensors to shoppers. If teams can leverage those assets, hard and soft, digital and real-world, mass them quickly or marshal them with precision accuracy, teams can gain advantage as never before.”

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