Chuck Freilich on Iran’s nuclear program

A Tale of Three Capitals
The Jerusalem Post
April 29, 2012
Op-ed by: Chuck Freilich, International Security Program senior fellow
Topic: Iran’s nuclear program

“The need to resolve the growing international crisis over Iran’s nuclear program has never been greater.

In Jerusalem, fears of a threat to Israel’s very existence, at the very least of a dire strategic threat, have animated the public bluster of recent months. Designed first and foremost to put pressure on the international community to finally deal with the Iranian issue effectively, so that Israel will not actually have to strike, rather than as a true indication of imminent action, the policy has worked well. The world has finally gotten serious about Iran and Tehran is clearly worried, jingoistic bravado notwithstanding. Israel may ultimately be forced to act militarily, but clearly hopes that the hard-line approach will forestall the need to do so.”

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