Graham Allison discusses bin Laden on CBS’ Face the Nation

Terrorism experts on bin Laden, one year after death
CBS’ Face the Nation
April 29, 2012
Inteview with: Graham Allison, Belfer Center director
Topic: Osama bin Laden 

Allison was interviewed on his TIME cover story on Obama’s decision to launch raid that killed bin Laden. 

“GRAHAM ALLISON: Until twenty-four hours before the operation, the majority of the members of the National Security Council were in the dark. So this was held extremely tightly. Six people in the White House right through till almost the end. And I think that– it reminds us that sometimes secrets matter. If this had leaked, and had been appeared in a blog or appeared in the press, Osama bin Laden would have vanished. I mean, if I had been involved as an adviser in the process, I would have said, ‘We got to shoot sooner. You can’t wait over this long period of time to be sure you’ve got the right guy in the crosshairs and to make sure you aim and practice before you fire.’ But they did. And I think it suggests something about a cool discipline that was a little– little surprising too.”

Video and transcript >

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