Richard N. Rosecrance, Mayumi Fukushima, and Yuzuru Tsuyama on Japan

Rising Sun in the New West
American Interest
May/June 2012
Article by: Richard N. Rosecrance, adjunct professor; senior fellow, International Security Program; director, Project on U.S.-China Relations; Mayumi Fukushima, and Yuzuru Tsuyama
Topic: Japan

“Today, for the first time, Japan has begun to consider deepening its relations with what we call ‘the New West’ (to distinguish it from its imperial predecessor). The New West is more like the European Union. It is open to new members, but not by means of coercion or military pressures. Indeed, it imposes democratic and economic qualifications on those who seek to join. Instead of colonization, the New West is looking for voluntary members who have already established themselves as democratic and developed, and who have participated in groups like the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). In addition to having a well-established democracy, Japan passes all of these economic and technological tests with flying colors.”

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