Charles G. Cogan on Nicolas Sarkozy

Sarko: Nothing Became Him Like the Manner of His Leaving
The Huffington Post
May 15, 2012
Commentary by: Charles G. Cogan, International Security Program associate
Topic: Nicolas Sarkozy

“‘Sarko the American,’ as Nicolas Sarkozy was known rather pejoratively in France (such a nickname, however, going down rather well in the United States), conducted himself with calmness and grace after his close, but decisive, defeat in the French presidential election of May 6th.

The moment Sarkozy saw that he had lost, he recognized the verdict of French democracy and French ‘republican values’ and wished his successful opponent, François Hollande, well. The only ‘down’ note in Sarkozy’s concession speech was his mention of the opposition’s (preposterous) assertion during the campaign that compared Sarkozy’s language to the proto-Fascist figures of the Vichy regime during World War II.”

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