Matthew Bunn and Abbas Maleki on Iran’s nuclear program

How to Avoid a War With Iran
Foreign Policy
May 21, 2012
Commentary by: Matthew Bunn, co-principal investigator for the Belfer Center’s Project on Managing the Atom and a member of the Center Board of Directors, and Abbas Maleki, senior associate, International Security Program
Topic: Iran’s nuclear program

“Observers would be forgiven for dismissing negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program as Kabuki theater. Despite years of on-again, off-again efforts, after all, fears of war continue to simmer.

Such frustrations are understandable — but they may not be entirely justified. Despite real obstacles, there is a serious chance for progress if both sides come to the table willing to compromise and focused on a step-by-step approach that gives each side real gains, builds confidence, and allows more time for talks on the harder issues. The next round of negotiations between Iran and world powers, slated for May 23 in Baghdad, is crucial — though only the start of a long road.”

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