Juliette Kayyem on Joplin, Missouri, after the tornado

The ‘Joplin effect’: The best of democracy and the best of community helped heal the city
The Boston Globe
May 24, 2012
Op-ed by: Juliette Kayyem, lecturer in public policy with the Belfer Center and member of the Belfer Center Board of Directors
Topic: Joplin, Missouri, after the tornado

“On the first anniversary of the devastating tornado that touched ground here, the nation focused on this small city of 50,000 and its stories of resiliency and resourcefulness. Joplin is a folk tale of middle American community values and strong religious sentiment. It’s ‘Little House on the Prairie,’ in the eyes of cable news. But there is something condescending about that portrayal, as if Joplin’s comeback were an inevitable consequence of good people just being good.”

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