Stemming the Threat of Nuclear Terrorism and Proliferation,
Globally and in Northeast Asia
East Asia Institute
June 2012
Presentation by: William H. Tobey, Belfer Center senior fellow
Topic: Nuclear terrorism 

The emerging threat of nuclear terrorism has called for the international community to assess and act on the nuclear security and safety matters as a collective issue. Following nonproliferation and disarmament initiatives, there have been varied efforts to advance nuclear security. Mr. Tobey began his presentation by evaluating the Nuclear Security Summit process and outlining policy recommendations for the next summit in 2014. In  his view, the past two summits have been meaningful in that they have successfully built consensus among world leaders and reaffirmed national commitments to enhance nuclear security. On the other hand, international cooperation has been hindered due to the lack of shared assessment on nuclear terrorism threats and of an agreed baseline of protection, such as the minimum standard of security for nuclear material.” 

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