Leonardo Maugeri’s new report on world oil production capacity

Oil: The Next Revolution
Belfer Center
June 2012
Discussion paper by: Leonardo Maugeri, Roy Family Fellow with the Belfer Center’s Geopolitics of Energy Project
Topic: New report forecasts sharp increase in world oil production capacity

A new study by Belfer Center Geopolitics of Energy researcher Leonardo Maugeri finds that oil production capacity is surging in the United States and several other countries at such a fast pace that global oil output capacity is likely to grow by nearly 20 percent by 2020.  This could prompt a plunge or even a collapse in oil prices.  The findings by Maugeri, a former oil industry executive who is now a fellow at Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center, are based on an original field-by-field analysis of the world’s major oil formations and exploration projects.

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