Niall Ferguson on using science and technology to solve the world’s problems

Don’t Believe the Techno-Utopian Hype
Newsweek/The Daily Beast
July 30, 2012
Commentary by: Niall Ferguson, member of the Belfer Center Board of Directors
Topic: Using science and technology to solve the world’s problems

“Are you a technoptimist or a depressimist? This is the question I have been pondering after a weekend hanging with some of the superstars of Silicon Valley.

I had never previously appreciated the immense gap that now exists between technological optimism, on the one hand, and economic pessimism, on the other. Silicon Valley sees a bright and beautiful future ahead. Wall Street and Washington see only storm clouds. The geeks think we’re on the verge of The Singularity. The wonks retort that we’re in the middle of a Depression.”

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