Chuck Freilich on Israel’s threats to attack Iran

A Security Guarantee Now
Belfer Center
August 4, 2012
Commentary by: Chuck Freilich, International Security Program senior fellow
Topic: Israel’s threats to attack Iran

“‘Bomb or the bomb’ has become the slogan that ostensibly expresses Israel’s dilemma regarding Iran’s nuclear program. In practice, this is not the true choice we face and the dichotomy presented is illusory. Even a successful bombing will not end the danger of an Iranian nuclear bomb, but gain a delay of one–two years according to some, three–five according to others. The technical know-how Iran has developed will allow it to reconstruct its capabilities after a bombing, should it desire to do so.”

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A Hebrew-language version of the op-ed appeared in Haaretz on July 31, 2012 and can be accessed here.

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