David Ignatius on the firing of Gen. Murad Muwafi

Egypt’s scapegoat for the Sinai attack
Washington Post
August 9, 2012
Commentary by: David Ignatius, Future of Diplomacy Project fellow
Topic: Firing of Gen. Murad Muwafi

“In firing Egypt’s chief of intelligence for his alleged failings in Sinai, President Mohamed Morsi sacked a general who has won high marks from U.S., Israeli and European intelligence officials — and who, ironically, has been one of the Egyptians pushing for a crackdown on the growing militant presence in Sinai.

This week’s shuffle is bound to raise concerns among U.S. and Israeli officials about the security policies of Morsi’s government and its seemingly mutual self-protection pact with the Egyptian generals who still hold considerable power through the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, or SCAF.”

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