Rami Khouri on Egypt and Syria

Once Again, Egypt and Syria Show the Way
Agence Global
August 8, 2012
Commentary by: Rami Khouri, senior fellow with the Belfer Center’s Middle East Initiative and director of the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs at the American University of Beirut
Topic: Egypt and Syria

“BEIRUT — For millennia, Syria and Egypt — especially their capitals Damascus and Cairo — have long influenced events far beyond their borders. Developments in both countries in recent days and months capture the two dominant trends in the Arab world, as some shattered countries and hollow regimes shake and crumble, while others reconfigure themselves and embark on new eras anchored in revived legitimacy, credibility and efficacy. This was nicely captured in a snapshot of both countries Monday: Syrian Prime Minister Riad Hijab defected and fled the country to join the opposition trying to topple the regime of President Bashar Assad, and Egyptian President Mohamad Mursi went to Al Arish in the Sinai Desert region to assert that the Egyptian army would regain full control of the area after 35 militants attacked a border post, killed 16 soldiers and tried to enter Israel.”

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