David Ignatius on Egypt’s military leadership

U.S. officials warily endorse new Egyptian defense minister
Washington Post
August 12, 2012
Commentary by: David Ignatius, Future of Diplomacy Project fellow
Topic: Egypt’s military leadership

“As U.S. officials struggle to assess the consequences of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s purge of the top military leadership Sunday, they appear to have confidence in the new defense minister, Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sissi, who had extensive contact with the United States in his previous post as head of military intelligence.

Morsi’s sweeping change of military leadership — sacking the defense minister and service chiefs who had been appointed by former president Hosni Mubarak — appears to have taken the United States by surprise. But officials weren’t ringing alarm bells Sunday night, cautioning that this is in part a generational change, replacing figures who had become increasingly unpopular and isolated in post-revolutionary Egypt.”

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