Chuck Freilich on Iran’s nuclear program

Too soon… too soon… too late!
The Jerusalem Post
September 4, 2012
Commentary by: Chuck Freilich, International Security Program senior fellow
Topic: Iran’s nuclear program

“The Netanyahu government, convinced that sanctions have failed and that Iran is rapidly nearing both nuclear capability and the point of invulnerability to an Israeli attack, has clearly begun preparing public opinion for a military strike. The Obama administration, preoccupied with the elections, continues to cling to sanctions, stressing that the US’s unique military capabilities will still enable it to act for some time and thus that it is too early for a strike.

Technically, this is true, but Iran is just months from having sufficient fissile materials for its first bomb and if it disperses them, or actual bombs once operational, around the country, the US too will no longer have the ability to strike.”

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