David Ignatius on Syria and Afghanistan

Syria’s eerie parallel to 1980s Afghanistan
Washington Post
September 5, 2012
Commentary by: David Ignatius, Future of Diplomacy Project fellow
Topic: Syria and Afghanistan

“The United States and its allies are moving in Syria toward a program of covert support for the rebels that, for better or worse, looks very much like what America and its friends did in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

The parallels are spooky. In Syria, as in Afghanistan, CIA officers are operating at the borders (in this case, mostly in Jordan and Turkey), helping Sunni insurgents improve their command and control and engaging in other activities. Weapons are coming from third parties (in Afghanistan, they came mostly from China and Egypt; in Syria, they’re mainly bought on the black market). And finally, a major financier for both insurgencies has been Saudi Arabia.”

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