James N. Miller on U.S. national security

A ‘Dynamic’ Moment
Foreign Policy
September 20, 2012
Interview with: James N. Miller, Under Secretary of Defense and former International Security Program research fellow
Topic: U.S. national security

“It’s an interagency effort as you look at the lines of operation relating to Afghanistan, so we will expect to be starting up the negotiations on a bilateral security agreement. That will be a follow-on to the strategic partnership agreement and expect that to get underway this fall. At the same time, we will — while the security transition is a key focus for the department of defense, as a government we also will continue to work on other areas, including reconciliation. So reintegration of fighters within Afghanistan and then the broader reconciliation effort, as well, which really goes over to [U.S Special Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan] Marc Grossman, who has the lead.”

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