Michèle Flournoy on U.S. foreign policy

Obama Adviser: U.S. Hasn’t Walked Away From Libya
NPR’s All Things Considered
September 17, 2012
Interview with: Michèle Flournoy, Belfer Center senior fellow
Topic: U.S. foreign policy

“CORNISH: Now that new beginning the president spoke about, I mean, does that sound naive today? And why do you think that President Obama’s efforts in this part of the world haven’t paid higher dividends?

FLOURNOY: Well, I don’t think it was naive. Remember the context: the United States had gone to war in Afghanistan after 9/11. We had started a war of choice in Iraq, another Muslim country. We had proclaimed a war against terror, which many, unfortunately, interpreted as a war against Islam. And so I think the president was trying to clarify U.S. objectives to say our war is not with Islam. It is against terrorists and specifically al-Qaida.”

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