Mitt Romney cites ETIP report in recent interview

Obama and Romney Tackle 14 Top Science Questions
Scientific American
September 4, 2012
Featured: Transforming U.S. Energy Innovation, a report by the Belfer Center’s Energy Technology Innovation Policy research group
Topic: Romney’s position on energy research and development

Mitt Romney: “As I noted above, I am a strong supporter of federally funded research, and continued funding would be a top priority in my budget. The answer to spending constraints is not to cut back on crucial investments in America’s future, but rather to spend money more wisely. For instance, President Obama spent $90 billion in stimulus dollars in a failed attempt to promote his green energy agenda. That same spending could have funded the nation’s energy research programs at the level recommended in a recent Harvard University study for nearly twenty years.”

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The report was also cited in “Romney Cites Energy Report That Advocates Carbon Price” in Scientific American on September 18, 2012.

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