Robert Reardon on the Iranian nuclear program

Why Containing Iran Might Be The Right Policy
September 2012
Spotlights: Robert Reardon, Research Fellow, Project on Managing the Atom/International Security Program
Topic: Iranian nuclear program

This week, the RAND Corporation published “Containing Iran: Strategies for Addressing the Iranian Nuclear Challenge,” by Belfer Center fellow Robert Reardon. In his book, Reardon argues that “U.S. goals [of Iranian non-proliferation] can be met through patient and forward-looking policymaking. Specifically, the United States can begin to lay the groundwork for an effective containment policy while continuing efforts to forestall Iranian weaponization. A successful containment policy will promote long-term positive political change in Iran while avoiding counterproductive provocation.”

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Reardon discussed his book and its findings during an International Security Program Brown Bag Seminar earlier this week. A review of the seminar can be found here.

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