David Ignatius on the Cuban Missile Crisis

Would you trust Mitt or Barack in a crisis moment?
Al Arabiya
October 8, 2012
Commentary by: David Ignatius, Future of Diplomacy Project senior fellow
Topic: Cuban Missile Crisis

“To prepare for this 50th anniversary, Graham Allison, whose famous book ‘Essence of Decision’ makes him the dean of scholars of the crisis, recently hosted a conference of experts at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center. These specialists continue to unearth new nuggets of information: Some Soviet ships may have turned around two days earlier than U.S. intelligence realized; the shooting down of a U-2 spy plane that nearly triggered war was a Cuban decision, not Soviet; as the ExComm planned an invasion of Cuba, the U.S. didn’t realize the Soviets had tactical nuclear weapons there. It’s truly frightening how much wasn’t understood at the time.”

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