Sarah Kneezle on Sesame Street and U.S. policy

The Global Politics of Sesame Street
October 9, 2012
Article by: Sarah Kneezle, former faculty assistant to Nicholas Burns
Topic: Sesame Street and U.S. policy

“But the issue is actually a lot more politically complicated than Romney’s statement or those of his critics would indicate. Romney’s Big Bird policy not only raises issues about federal funding for public broadcasting and early child education but also America’s position in the world. It’s possible that Romney may even want to consider a strategic partnership with the feathered muppet.

‘Sesame Street is a great example of American soft power,’ says Joseph Nye, former dean of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.  ‘It attracts others to us, and costs very little. It is interesting that Romney singled out that program for cutting, since his book has a page or two on the importance of American soft power. Maybe he forgot?’”

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