Timothy Carney and Tara Maller on diplomatic engagement

The perils of diplomatic disengagement
Foreign Policy, “The Middle East Channel” blog
October 4, 2012
Commentary by: Ambassador Timothy Carney, Tara Maller, former International Security Program research fellow
Topic: Remaining diplomatically engaged overseas

“After the recent unrest at embassies in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and Tunisia and the killing of U.S. ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, there may be mounting pressure in upcoming weeks or months to permanently shut down embassies or rupture diplomatic relations. Already, there have been significant diplomatic staff withdrawals from many of the embassies. While the security situation may undoubtedly warrant temporary reductions in diplomatic presences overseas, countries should be extremely wary of using long-standing diplomatic sanctions as a way to condemn a regime’s behavior or as a foreign policy tool of coercion. …”

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