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Calestous Juma on science and technology diplomacy

Forging New Diplomatic Bonds Through Science and Technology By Calestous Juma Technology and Policy “Science and technology are being increasingly recognized as central features in international diplomacy. Much of the attention, however, has focused on how major industrialized countries and … Continue reading

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Juliette Kayyem on lessons learned from Winter Storm Nemo

Snowstorm Will Provide a Blizzard of Lessons By Juliette Kayyem Boston Globe “The recovery is now in earnest for those still without power, for public transportation systems that closed during the height of the snowstorm, and for families who left … Continue reading

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Joseph Nye on the Arab information revolution

The Information Revolution Gets Political By Joseph Nye The Australian “The second anniversary of the ‘Arab Spring’ in Egypt was marked by riots in Tahrir Square that made many observers fear that their optimistic projections in 2011 had been dashed. Part … Continue reading

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Stephen Walt on the East Asia flashpoint

Good news: World War I is over and will not happen again By Stephen Walt Foreign Policy “It therefore pains me to have to take issue with Rachman’s recent column warning of rising tensions in East Asia, and all the … Continue reading

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Tolu Odumosu on technology and surveillance

Technological Somnambulism Revisited: Sleeping through the New Invisible Surveillance Technologies By Tolu Odumosu STS.Next.20 “My first appointment to see the sleep physician after six months of using the machine is when I discovered that my new medical device had been spying … Continue reading

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Cristine Russel on the media coverage of Winter Storm Nemo

Captain Nemo By Cristine Russell Columbia Journalism Review “It was all about “The Big Dig” this weekend in snow-blanketed communities from Long Island to Maine that faced a massive effort to uncover cars and roads buried by the punishing nor’easter … Continue reading

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Richard Clarke on cyber espionage

A Global Cyber-Crisis in Waiting By Richard Clarke Washington Post “While Vice President Biden and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov were dealing with Syrian rebels and other conflicts, some at the recent Munich Security Conference were focused on a topic … Continue reading

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