Joseph Nye on the Arab information revolution

The Information Revolution Gets Political
By Joseph Nye
The Australian
“The second anniversary of the ‘Arab Spring’ in Egypt was marked by riots in Tahrir Square that made many observers fear that their optimistic projections in 2011 had been dashed. Part of the problem is that expectations had been distorted by a metaphor that described events in short-run terms. If, instead of ‘Arab Spring,’ we had spoken of ‘Arab revolutions,’ we might have had more realistic expectations. ”
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Stephen Walt on the East Asia flashpoint

Good news: World War I is over and will not happen again
By Stephen Walt
Foreign Policy

“It therefore pains me to have to take issue with Rachman’s recent column warning of rising tensions in East Asia, and all the more so because he quotes two respected colleagues, Joe Nye and Graham Allison. His concern is the possibility of some sort of clash between China and Japan, precipitated by the territorial dispute over the Diaoyu/Senkaku islands exacerbated by rising nationalism in both countries and concerns over shifting balances of power. These are all legitimate worries, although it’s hard to know just how serious or volatile the situation really is.”

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Tolu Odumosu on technology and surveillance

Technological Somnambulism Revisited: Sleeping through the New Invisible Surveillance Technologies
By Tolu Odumosu

“My first appointment to see the sleep physician after six months of using the machine is when I discovered that my new medical device had been spying on me from the day I brought it home. Upon taking the machine in with me (as requested by my doctor’s office), I discovered to my immense shock that my machine was fitted with a small removable data card which the attendant readily removed and relieved of accumulated data shortly before I began my meeting with the doctor. ”

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Cristine Russel on the media coverage of Winter Storm Nemo

Captain Nemo
By Cristine Russell
Columbia Journalism Review

“It was all about “The Big Dig” this weekend in snow-blanketed communities from Long Island to Maine that faced a massive effort to uncover cars and roads buried by the punishing nor’easter that struck the Northeast on Friday. People were also digging out from a flurry of media coverage that was as intense as the storm itself.”

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Richard Clarke on cyber espionage

A Global Cyber-Crisis in Waiting
By Richard Clarke
Washington Post

“While Vice President Biden and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov were dealing with Syrian rebels and other conflicts, some at the recent Munich Security Conference were focused on a topic with much greater implications for global security: cyber­threats. Unfortunately, those conversations revealed how strikingly little has been done to create international norms of behavior in cyberspace and the means to punish those who would deviate from them.”

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Jeffrey Frankel on Europe’s fiscal compact

Will Europe’s Fiscal Compact Work?
By Jeffrey Frankel
Project Syndicate

“At the start of 2013, the eurozone’s ‘fiscal compact’ entered into force, owing to its ratification on December 21 by a 12th country, Finland, a year after German Chancellor Angela Merkel prodded eurozone leaders into agreement. The compact – technically called the Treaty on Stability, Coordination, and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union – requires member countries to introduce laws limiting their structural government budget deficits to less than 0.5 % of GDP (or less than 1% of GDP if their debt/GDP ratio is ‘significantly below 60%’). So, will this new approach work?”

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Juliette Kayyem on the Superbowl blackout

“Frank, We Lost the A Feed”
By Juliette Kayyem
Boston Globe

“A few days and many press conferences later, there is no definitive answer to what happened. The Ravens eventually won the game, making the blackout seem less of a decisive episode. But the rampant speculation that Beyonce’s electric performance may have literally knocked the lights out is a sad comment on how people respond to unexpected events. Someone must be at fault; a single source of failure must explain it all.”

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