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Calestous Juma on China-Japan relations

Good Foundation to Build On By Calestous Juma China Daily “Extending pragmatic trade and technology cooperation can help China and Japan improve their relations. Tensions between China and Japan over the Diaoyu Islands, known as the Senkaku in Japan, have … Continue reading

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Ben Heineman on business scandals

Why are Some Sectors (Ahem, Finance) So Scandal-Plagued? By Ben Heineman Harvard Business Review “In the past 25 years, the size of settlements, fines and penalties for individual corporations found guilty of wrongdoing has escalated from millions of dollars, to … Continue reading

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Martin Feldstein on the fiscal cliff

Discussion on the Fiscal Cliff Deal Interview with Martin Feldstein FOX Business Former Reagan Chief Economic Advisor Martin Feldstein on the fiscal cliff deal and the debt ceiling Read more > Feldstein also discusses the Federal Reserve >

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David Ignatius on President Obama

Obama Missing in Action By David Ignatius Washington Post “It would be hard to imagine a more dispiriting prelude to a new presidential term than this week’s sorry “fiscal cliff” deal to defer (and perhaps multiply) the nation’s financial problems.” … Continue reading

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Lawrence Summers on U.S. Tax System

How to Fix Costly and Unjust U.S. Tax System By Lawrence Summers Financial Times “Sooner or later the American tax code will be reformed…,” writes former Treasury Secretary and Harvard Kennedy School professor Lawrence Summers. “Raising revenue will be the … Continue reading

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Ben Heineman on European Free-Trade Pact

High-Risk, High-Reward: Will Obama Seek a Free-Trade Pact with Europe? By Ben Heineman The Atlantic “Just after the New Year, President Obama will have to decide a whether to take a dramatic, high-stakes gamble on a very unsexy topic: a … Continue reading

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Martin Feldstein on tax rates

The Tax Hike Canard By Martin Feldstein ForeignAffairs.com “Five years ago, the United States’ budget deficit equaled 1.5 percent of GDP and its national debt stood at 36 percent of GDP. This year, the deficit will exceed $1 trillion, or … Continue reading

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