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Juliette Kayyem on climate security

America’s Security, Under the Weather By Juliette Kayyem Boston Globe “President Obama’s trip to the Middle East last week served as a nagging reminder of the world’s most intractable problems: the Palestinian conflict, Iran, North Korea. These are geographically distant … Continue reading

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Juliette Kayyem on Shell Oil

Shell’s Arctic Troubles Only Buy Time By Juliette Kayyem Boston Globe “Shell Oil has had a rough time up in Alaska. In the last year, it has had to contend with stray ships, busted engines, mismanaged contracts, and faulty spill … Continue reading

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Interview with David Keith on Climate Change

Daring Ideas About Climate Change Interview with David Keith HKS (from Belfer Center Winter 2012-13 Newsletter) Here, Keith answers questions about his research and ideas for reducing climate change using innovative and sometimes controversial methods. Read more >

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David Keith on geo-engineering

A Leading Scientist in the Field of Geo-Engineering Interview with David Keith Australian Broadcasting Corporation “Interview with David Keith, Professor of Applied Physics at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, from Calgary: A leading scientist in the field … Continue reading

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Elaine Kamarck on President Obama

Five Things Obama Must Do By Elaine Kamarck CNN “Now that the campaign is over and Barack Obama has won a second term, the hard business of governing begins again. There’s a presidential inbox waiting and it’s not too hard … Continue reading

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David Keith on targeting solar geoengineering

Targeting solar geoengineering to minimize risk and inequality Co-authored by David Keith Nature Climate Change “By tailoring geoengineering efforts by region and by need, a new model promises to maximize the effectiveness of solar radiation management while mitigating its potential … Continue reading

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Stephen M. Walt on mother nature and Al Queda

Who’s the bigger threat: Mother nature or Al Qaeda? By Stephen M. Walt Foreign Policy, “A Realist in an Ideological Age” blog “If you’re on the East Coast of the United States and hunkering down while Hurricane Sandy hits, you … Continue reading

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