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Juliette Kayyem on the Superbowl blackout

“Frank, We Lost the A Feed” By Juliette Kayyem Boston Globe “A few days and many press conferences later, there is no definitive answer to what happened. The Ravens eventually won the game, making the blackout seem less of a … Continue reading

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Charles Cogan on the use of drones

Drones: What’s the Fuss About? By Charles Cogan The Huffington Post “The rationale for the drone strikes, which started in Pakistan, was that Americans were being targeted from a foreign country that wouldn’t let us in to do something about … Continue reading

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Nicholas Burns on John Kerry’s forthcoming term

Kerry Must Engage China By Nicholas Burns Boston Globe “As John Kerry takes the reins as secretary of state, no international problem will test his considerable diplomatic skills more than our difficult, complex, and unpredictable relationship with the other global … Continue reading

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Elaine Kamarck on Obama’s second term

Reflections on President Obama’s Inaugural Address, His Second Term and Presidential Leadership Style By Elaine Kamarck The Brookings Institution “The parades and the parties are over. As the nation’s capitol returns to the routines of governance, everyone wants to know — … Continue reading

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Matt Waldman and Michael Keating on Afghanistan

An Afghanistan Write-Off Isn’t an Option By Matt Waldman and Michael Keating New York Times “PRESIDENT Obama recently said that by the end of next year the war in Afghanistan ‘will come to a responsible end.’ A responsible approach must … Continue reading

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Juliette Kayyem on Veterans Affairs

Walmart’s Veterans Program is Temporary Relief By Juliette Kayyem Boston Globe “Walmart, the world’s largest private employer with over two million retail workers, deserves credit for doing what no other major company has done before. It has promised to hire 100,000 … Continue reading

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Lawrence Summers on U.S. Budget Deficit

End the Damaging Obsession With Deficit By Lawrence Summers Financial Times “The concerns are partly economic – there is a recognition that debts cannot be allowed to grow indefinitely faster than incomes and the capacity to repay them. Then there … Continue reading

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